Dennis Marelli – EWC Tenaris

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Dennis Marelli – EWC Tenaris

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Regarding the activities of the Tenaris EWC, just after the first transnational training module held in Barcelona, there was in Dalmine the annual meeting of the italian and romanian members, where I could know the other members since it was my first EWC meeting. During the meeting we exchanged some information about different working activities in our plant, finding some common points but also some differences. The romanian colleagues have shown much interest in particular about the topic of safety and the roles and laws that manage it in Italy, from our part we mainly focused on the investments that the company is making in Romania. On the economic perspective, the romanian colleagues told us that the economic gap between the two countries is less pronounced in favour of Italy, gradually the gap is going down, and this is a very positive aspect. In the meeting with the CEO we asked the possibility to constitute a global committee due that the company has plant also in South America, United States and Asia, but this request was not accepted by the company. We noticed that there is also a small plant in the United Kingdom asking to include it in the EWC and the company answered that it’s right, but it seems that it’s a very small plant where there is no representative, but anyway they asked to the EWC coordinator to verify the issue.

After the annual meeting, the EWC acts only to exchange information on the pandemic situation, since that Tenaris Dalmine is seat in the most affected area. Sadly there was colleagues that died for the virus and all our efforts were focused to prevent the risk of contagion. We managed to get also some stops to allow that the working environment was in line with the safety protocol promoted by CGIL CISL and UIL with the national Government and we were able to make it more binding just for avoid that other people die.

The next EWC annual meeting should be held in the next autumn, this time in Romania, but it depends on the pandemic situation.