Le socle européen du dialogue social

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Roberto Pezzenati – EWC Eni

The ENI EWC doesn’t hold meeting since June 2019. As Sannazaro Refinery I can say that the period march-april was ...
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Valentina Lazzaroni – EWC Bonduelle

The EWC annual meeting of Bonduelle was scheduled for April. Obviously it was not possible to realise it and it ...
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Dennis Marelli – EWC Tenaris

Regarding the activities of the Tenaris EWC, just after the first transnational training module held in Barcelona, there was in ...
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Oscar Fernandez Sabatè – EWC Coordinator – Sectoral Policy FSC-CONC

At a European level, we had to reschedule the meetings that were to be held in person, such as looking ...
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Petar Stoilov – CAE Nestlé Bulgaria

During the pandemy Nestle Bulgaria has taken different measures for health and safety protection of its employees. At first, it ...
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Georgi Arnaudov – CAE Aurubis

COVID crisis has posed huge unknowns to the future of many companies around the world and challenged the day-to-day operations ...
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Lachezar Petkov – EWC A1 Group

During the state of emergency, weekly video conference calls were held during the period from 15.03.2020 to 11.06.2020 of EWC ...
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