Petar Stoilov – CAE Nestlé Bulgaria

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Petar Stoilov – CAE Nestlé Bulgaria

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During the pandemy Nestle Bulgaria has taken different measures for health and safety protection of its employees.

At first, it has been introduced the possibility of working from home – for all employees whose the work allows it – from the beginning of the state of emergency, introduced by order of the Minister of Health on 13.03.2020. On the other side, for those who must be at the work place and in shared area areas (locker rooms, dining room, corridors, etc.) has been introduced the rule for a minimum of 1.5 – 2 m physical distance between people working in the company. All the employees of the company have been provided with personal protective equipment. The company also made regular disinfection of production, administrative and storage areas and provided disinfectants available to all employees of the company. It also made additional access control its territory (filter).

Also, in order to keep the employers updated, the company has conducted emergency briefings (work from home, measures for non-spread of the virus, for employees returning to the office in stages) and made regular communication regarding the monitoring of the measures taken on the territory of the company.

Talking about Socio-economic measures, The enterprise also gave additional support to the employees working on the first line – paid so far and scheduled for June – nearly BGN 200,000 and  taxi vouchers for all shift workers until the end of emergency working time of public transport.