Report of the 4th meeting of the Steering Committee

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Report of the 4th meeting of the Steering Committee

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The 4th meeting of the Pilot Committee of the European Project “EWCs: the European pillar of social dialogue” was held online on April 14, 2021, with the participation of all the partner organizations.

The agenda for the meeting, as indicated also in the letter of convocation, was the following one:

  1. Define date, contents and way to realize the third transnational training module
  2. Starting to define together form and contents of the final publication “The ABC of the EWC representative”
  3. Starting to define dates and contents of the final transnational event to realize within the end of October 2021
  4. Update the activities calendar
  5. Other

Before discussing the different points of the agenda, an assessment has been made on the 2nd transnational training module held online on 16 and 17 march 2021, with a very positive feedback about the module, both in terms of the proposed contents and the way used to realize the training, particularly appreciated was the speaker, Prof. Ermanno Dalla Libera.

Regarding the first point of the agenda, that is the third transnational training module, the contents provided for in the work programme was remembered, a first proposal of objectives and contents to be addressed during the training was shared and the partners tried to define the date of the module, that will be realized at distance, since at the moment the pandemic situation is still really difficult. All the partners shared the proposals.

Regarding the final publication, ti it has been remembered the objective wrote in the work programme by presenting a first draft of the table of contents that it would be addressed in the publication. Also in this case all the partners shared the proposal, asking that the final publication will be realized also in the other language of the partners; this possibility will be evaluated according to the possibilities granted by the project budget.

Then it was addressed the point about the final event of the project, that should be realized within the end of October; about this, the partners shared only the indicative period of realization (end of September-beginning of October), since at the moment it’s not possible to assume how to realize the event.

The meeting finished with the update of the calendar of activities that must be realized by the action and with the request to all the partners of an help to implement the section about the experiences of the workers representatives in the EWCs on the web platform of the project, since the presentation of concrete cases is often another way of learning and sharing.

To read and download the full pdf file of the report, click here.

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