Roberto Pezzenati – EWC Eni

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Roberto Pezzenati – EWC Eni

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The ENI EWC doesn’t hold meeting since June 2019.

As Sannazaro Refinery I can say that the period march-april was very difficult, but we were be able to keep on some plants.

There was a strong team group between the workers representatives and the management, daily videocalls about the epidemiological evolution in the plant. We signed innovative agreement on changes to working time of some fundamental departments for the Refinery security.

There was a big use of the smart working for the employees, while for the operative employees, ENI gave paid leaves named “Covid permits”.

Those permits was used by the employees of stopped plants, in order to stay at home without putting at risk their health.

The province of Pavia was very affected by Covid, in the Refinery one of our colleague died and some colleagues lost their family members, on this aspect ENI always shown closeness and support.

In this Phase 2 the ENI HSE has put in place a big work of tracing and preventive isolation in order to avoid infections and to keep on, in safety, the production plants.

Personally I’m very satisfied by the union work played and by the management cooperation.

Once again, ENI demonstrates to be a big company, careful about the health and safety of its workers.