Valentina Lazzaroni – EWC Bonduelle

Le socle européen du dialogue social

Valentina Lazzaroni – EWC Bonduelle

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The EWC annual meeting of Bonduelle was scheduled for April. Obviously it was not possible to realise it and it was therefore postponed. We kept in touch by mail and the meeting was held on 1-2 September by videoconference. Only some french colleagues have connected from the seat. The company provided each member of the EWC with 2 interpreters.

Despite some small connection problems, I believe that it was the best way to dialogue safely, a topic that my company particularly cares about.

Since the first days of the pandemic, at the end of February, all office employees were obliged to home-working. The company provided each employee with a mobile phone and a laptop and they worked and they worked to make sure that everyone had the proper connections. So we didn’t miss a single day of work.

In addition to this, the company provided the employees with a psychological support through an external organization (therefore obviously guaranteeing anonymity) and supplementary health insurance that would cover medical expenses and hospitalization in case of contagion.

Bergamo has been one of the most affected provinces and despite all I’m very satisfied to say that Bonduelle has absolutely never pulled back and has continuously assisted every employee, continuing to send communications and help. They really made us feel part of something.

Sadly we lost a colleague of the production sector due to this tragedy, and also in this case the company gather money to help that unfortunate family.

“I’m proud to be part of this great family.